A Christmas Story

Rated: PG

Dear A Christmas Story,

In a world far over-saturated with everything Christmas, (especially movies about Christmas) you stand out. Not an easy feat, to be sure. But you can’t help it, can you? You’re just so delightful, witty, and cute. No wonder everyone who’s met you loves you.

I have a confession to make, and I’m rather embarrassed by it. I’ve often ranted about how senseless it is that kids today are perfectly happy watching the same movie over and over again, in an endless death loop until you force them to stop. And yet, every Christmas Eve I watch you. Then, Christmas morning, I watch you again. And then again at some point in the day as I assemble and play with my gifts I watch you again (maybe twice). And then one more time before you’re packed away for another year. Phew! It feels good to finally admit that to you!

I would never behave in such a way with any other movie. With anything else it’s nice to have a quick visit once in awhile, but after that I need a good long break. But you’re special. Nearly every one of your scenes is my favorite, and if forced to choose I couldn’t possibly. No matter how much time I spend with you in a day, it’s never enough. You’re always fresh and always make me laugh. I wish more movies were like you.

Maybe it’s that I know I only get twenty-four hours a year with you (during the marathon). Maybe it’s your stellar writing, or cast, or the way in which the narrator delivers his narration. Whatever it is, I don’t care; I’m happy to spend as much time with you that one day a year as I can.

Please never change,

PS: Your twin,
In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash by Jean Shepherd is equally as amazing. Is there anything you don’t do well?