Patient 62

Rated: Not Rated

        The term “special effects” is one that seems to scare many an indie filmmaker for a variety of reasons. Some don’t raise enough money to attempt such embellishments.  Some don’t feel comfortable enough with the software to think they could do a convincing enough job. Some don’t feel they have enough of a grasp on how such things work to even try. But whatever the reason, it all comes down to the same things: will the finished product look good enough, and will any special effects added become a distraction from the story itself.
        Writer/director Rick Anthony and his team have overcome such hurdles with their new film
Patient 62. The summary of the film says, “Wracked by nightmares of the abduction of his stripper sister, Lucas Chance sets out to rescue her from a tangled web of human trafficking and experimentation, in the process discovering that the dreams he suffers from aren’t his own.” Intriguing, isn’t it?
Reece Wagner shows off his new abilities as Lucas Chance in Patient 62 (Photo courtesy of Rick Anthony)

Reece Wagner shows off his new abilities as Lucas Chance in Patient 62 (Photo courtesy of Rick Anthony)

        When I asked Rick if he was nervous about including so many special effects in a film with such a tight budget, he said, “This was a big gamble for us. Not only did we need to have a great SPFX artist to put it all together, but the effects need to be taken into consideration when actually shooting the film. (pulling focus to objects that don't exist until the CGI is put in place etc).  Normally all of the effects should be screen tested to some degree, but given our budget considerations we didn't have that luxury, so in the end it was a bit of a Hail Mary.”
Patient 62 is the perfect example of a “Hail Mary” working out in the best of ways. I’ve seen more than my fair share of indie films, some of which rely rather heavily on special effects, and unfortunately the results have been less than stellar. With this film though, the special effects were done in such a way that the story is enhanced, and the effects themselves don’t become a distraction. Considering that there are plenty of main stream films that can’t even pull off such things, I’d say that Rick and his team deserve a hearty congratulations on that front.
Patient 62 is the second feature, as well as the second film ever, from Rick Anthony and co writer Bryce Schlamp, and while you can definitely tell it’s an indie effort, the film is more than entertaining enough to make up for its minor quirks. The fast-paced action scenes, well done special effects, and strongly written story all work in tandem to ensure a gripping tale from beginning to end. If you find yourself with the opportunity, definitely check out Patient 62.

Patient 62 is not rated, was co written by Rick Anthony and Bryce Schlamp, was directed by Rick Anthony and stars Reece Wagner, Chrissy Mozylisky and Glenn LaPointe. More information about the film, as well as Rick Anthony and the rest of the cast can be found here:

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