Over Coffee

Rated: Not Rated

        How far would you go for a crush? Would you stay at a job you hate, with a boss you hate even more? Would you perform even more demeaning tasks than the ones you’ve already been assigned, if it meant gaining the attention of this person?
        These are the types of questions Andrew asks himself in the short film
Over Coffee by writer/director Sean Meehan. In the film, Andrew is totally infatuated with his coworker Carla, but struggles to find reasons to interact with her since they work in different departments. Finally the opportunity to prove himself to her arises when Carla forgets to buy the boss’s coffee in the morning. Andrew volunteers for this seemingly simple task, but soon finds out that life is never so simple.
        While this would have been a good little film without it, it’s the lengths to which Andrew must go to retrieve said cup-o-joe that pushes
Over Coffee to hilarious new heights. The scenes have a Benny Hill type quality to them, and the Benny Hill theme was playing in my head as I watched. Would this exact situation actually happen the way that it did in the film? Probably not, but it’s the pure ridiculousness that makes it work so well.
        Another part of this film that pushed it over the top were the scenes towards the end with the boss, Mr. Rice, played by Timothy J. Cox. We’re lead to believe that Mr. Rice is tough and doesn’t accept insubordination in any form from his employees. But by the end it’s clear that this is all an act, and if the employees were to find out there’d be no end to the humiliation Mr. Rice would face, which of course makes it all the more satisfying to watch.

        The film was the first ever done by writer/director Meehan, but it’s certainly not a novice effort. The story was well developed, the acting was smooth and the jokes came off seamlessly, making it hard to believe that this was indeed Meehan’s first film.

        Over Coffee
is an amusing look into the hoops some people must jump through for love, and one that will have you thinking twice about doing something as simple as getting the boss’s coffee!

        Over Coffee is not rated, was written and directed by Sean Meehan and stars Erik Potempa, Jocelyn DeBoer and Timothy J. Cox. More information about the film and Sean Meehan can be found here:

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