Poetry Stalled

Rated: Not Rated

        Do you like to create things? Do you paint, build, write, film, crochet, sew, or photograph? If so, I’m sure you’ve had this thought: What if I try to show this to people, but no one shows up? Or, if they do show up, what if they make fun of the things I’ve created? No matter your confidence level these seem to be thoughts everyone has. Usually, despite these thoughts of failure, things turn out ok, and our ability to press on despite them builds our strength and resiliency.
        But what if things didn’t turn out ok? What if things actually turned out far worse than you could imagine? That’s what the new film
Poetry Stalled, by Legrand McMullen and his company Matching Sweaters Productions, explores. In the film Ted, an aspiring poet, has just received the first copies of his new book “Cantos from my Condo”. Excited to get the word out about his achievement, he schedules a poetry reading at the local rec center. But much to his dismay, the reception of his accomplishment isn’t even close to the grandiose visions he’d imagined and feels he deserves.
Tom Kearney as Ted in Poetry Stalled (Photo courtesy of Legrand McMullen)

Tom Kearney as Ted in Poetry Stalled (Photo courtesy of Legrand McMullen)

        The film is a worst case scenario for anyone doing anything creative, and as such it may sound like more of a drama, or horror. Surprisingly though, this film is a comedy through and through. I asked filmmaker Legrand McMullen if it was difficult to go from such serious subject matter with his short
Condemned, to the much lighter themes in Poetry Stalled. He said, “As the screenwriter it wasn't too difficult to write the story. It was an idea that I had drafted out years ago and have been thinking of doing at some point. I guess I felt a bit insecure about whether it would be funny or not, but I just wrote it true to my sensibility and attitude, which is generally sarcastic, nerdy, and dark, and the director and cast thought it was a hoot,” he said.
        It seems that no matter the experience level one has in a given medium, the insecurity and doubt never fully leaves. But Legrand didn’t want that doubt and insecurity to show through in the character of Ted. He said, “Even though Ted is a rather lousy poet, there is some nerve in him, because he's doing it, and he believes in himself, even if nobody else does.”
        According to Legrand, the message he’d like people to take away from the film is this: “Karma's a bitch, so keep your ego in check and be nice.” That’s certainly a message we should all keep in mind more often, no matter what we think internally about someone’s work!
        But Karmic consequences aside,
Poetry Stalled is a short film that will be enjoyed by all, poet and non-poet alike. It’s an ingenious look at both sides of the coin: an aspiring poet with WAY too much confidence, and the people who couldn’t care less.  It’s a comedic reminder to never take yourself too seriously, and to believe in yourself, even if no one else does.

Poetry Stalled is not rated, was written by Legrand McMullen, directed by Steven Biver and stars Tom Kearney. It is currently being entered into festivals, and will feature a social media campaign, during which signed copies of “Cantos from my Condo” will be auctioned off.
        The film will screen during the June 15
th edition of Leah’s Indie Film Series @ Soundstage 909. For more information about Poetry Stalled, Legrand McMullen and Matching Sweaters Productions, click here:

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