The Lego Batman Movie

Rated: PG

        Three years ago, when I first saw The Lego Movie, I knew what would happen: The film became such a phenomenon that there would be multiple spin-offs and sequels. Three years later, it’s clear that I was right. Currently out, or at least in the works, are four films in total, including The Lego Movie, The Lego Movie Sequel, The Lego Ninjago Movie and The Lego Batman Movie, and I’ve got to be honest, I can’t wait to own them all!

        It’s my feeling that Lego is the new Pixar. Don’t get me wrong, I love Pixar too, but since Disney took them over in 2006 it seems that the focus is on quantity, not quality. In comparison, Lego and Warner Brothers seem to be focused on quality, right down to the smallest of details, which I’ll get into in a moment.
        My plans to see
The Lego Batman Movie were almost identical to the ones I made three years ago for The Lego Movie: I would go and see the film with my husband as soon as it came out, and then take my niece, who is now 9, for her birthday. Of course, my husband was jealous that I was going to see it again without him, but such is life.
        When the big day came for my niece and me to see it together, she was visibly excited. As I was finishing up my morning routine and getting ready for our excursion I watched as she’d focus intently every time she saw the ads for the film on TV. As the time drew closer I got more and more excited to see her face light up with every joke.
        Seeing a film yourself is one thing, but seeing it through the eyes of a child, (who it’s intended for) makes it even more fun; fun to watch the look on her face during certain scenes, and fun to look over and see if she just caught the joke obviously intended for adults.
        But watching my niece’s face wasn’t the only reason I wanted to see this movie again. As was the case with
The Lego Movie, The Lego Batman Movie comes at you a mile a minute. There’s so much going on in every scene it’s impractical to catch it all in a single viewing (unless you have a recording of it and go through frame by frame, but that’s another issue entirely).  With so much going on at once it’s nearly impossible to know where to look at any given moment, making this film a visual masterpiece if there ever was one.
        While it’s not imperative to your understanding and enjoyment, I recommend that when you see this movie you pay attention to the minute details. There were several scenes in which I noticed specks of dust floating around the character’s heads, as you’d likely see in a live action film close up. The texture of Batman’s mask and Robin’s cape look so real that it’s easy to imagine the feeling of them in your hands when they’re shown onscreen. The movement of the characters, right down to Batman’s temper tantrum (which is a priceless touch), conjure images of children acting out the scenes with their own Legos at home.
        And then there’s the cast. I thought the cast of
The Lego Movie was extensive and would be hard to top, but indeed they’ve topped it with The Lego Batman Movie. I won’t name them here, but all in all there are over 20 well-known actors, most of who had literally only one line, in the film.
        When we were done watching the movie I brought my niece to Portsmouth Community Radio to interview her about it (with her parent’s permission of course). I asked her what she thought of the movie, to which she said, “It was a really good movie. I really liked it!” Then I asked her what kind of people would like the movie. She replied, “I think this movie would be good for kids, even little ones, cause it’s really funny.” Finally I asked her if she thought adults would like this movie too, and after staring at me to think about it a moment she said, “I dunno Aunty. Maybe?”
        While none of that would be considered a glowing review, for someone so young and shy, who’s never been on the radio before, I’ll take it. Of course, the ear to ear smile on her face said far more than her words did.
  So if you’re looking for something to do that will be delightful for the entire family, I’d recommend seeing
The Lego Batman Movie. It’s guaranteed to be a good time, no matter your age!

The Lego Batman Movie is rated PG, was directed by Chris McKay and stars Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Rosario Dawson and Ralph Fiennes, (among MANY, MANY others!) It is currently in theaters.