Give Em Hell Malone

Rated: R

        Why is it that when someone asks me what types of movies I like, I freeze? It seems like such a simple question. I mean, is it really so hard to just say “comedies” or “horror”? I always think to myself “why didn’t they ask what I don’t like? That’s the easier question!” But of course, no one wants to be negative and ask what you don’t like. That’d be the same as being asked “what foods do you hate?” or “what’s your least favorite color?’ (Each of which are easier answers for me: scallops and pink!) It’s always “what do you like?” And the more I think about that ominous question, the more defined it becomes, but yet it’s still not easy to answer.
        As time goes on more and more filmmakers, mostly independents, are breaking the stereotypical genre molds. They’re making films that not only fit into several genres at once, but that create totally new genres as well. If you’ve explored my website at all you may have noticed, in the “Movies” menu I have an “Other” category. There aren’t too many films under that category yet, but the ones that are there don’t really fit anywhere else. These, (for the most part), are films that I love, but when asked what types of movies I like, I struggle to explain them.

        Give ‘Em Hell Malone
isn’t quite an “Other” category film, but it doesn’t fully fit into other genres either. It’s a modern take on the noir classics. Think Maltese Falcon meets Sin City with a sprinkling of Pulp Fiction. Malone is a notorious private eye and gun for hire. When he is enlisted to guard and deliver a briefcase said to contain “the meaning of love”, local gangsters and thugs will stop at nothing to steal the case and take out Malone as well!
        Give ‘Em Hell Malone
has all of the action you’d expect in a modern day gangster flick, but yet features many decidedly antique touches that make it unique. It’s another in a long line of films that other critics hate, but I love. The one-liners alone make it worth watching once, but there must be more to it than that, since I’ve seen it 5 times and have no objections to seeing it again and again.

        Thomas Jane, who plays Malone, may not be the most recognizable name in Hollywood, but he’s definitely got a recognizable face. With 65 acting credits to his name since the late 80’s, Jane has been in a little bit of everything, but is most known for the title role in
The Punisher. It’s actually quite fitting that Jane played the part of Malone in Give ‘Em Hell Malone, because the synopsis for it is almost identical to that of The Punisher. It seems a role that was written for him, which easily comes through to the screen.
Give ‘Em Hell Malone certainly isn’t destined to be a classic in any sense of the word, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its value. If you’re in the mood for a noir-ish, cheesy, gangster, and action flick, this is just what the doctor ordered. If not, don’t watch it now…wait until you are in the right mood for just such a film and it will definitely hit the spot!

        Give ‘Em Hell Malone is rated R, was directed by Russel Mulcahy and stars Thomas Jane, Ving Rhames, Elsa Patacky and French Stewart. It’s available now on DVD, Blu Ray and streaming.